Why should I license music?

Purchasing a song on iTunes or on an artist’s website does not give you legal rights to use that music for a video, slideshow or other commercial applications. A license gives you legal and official permission to use an artist’s work and is required for each song used in any work that will be sold, uploaded to a website, published to Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube, etc.

Music licensing is a win-win for everyone–you don’t get sued, and the artists get compensated for their work.

Why Community Tree Music licensing?

Finding great music for your project can be difficult and time consuming, especially when it comes to contacting the artist and working through licensing details. We take care of all of that stuff for you. We hand select Canadian indie music and make it easy for you to search, download and use it legally for commercial purposes. We’ve got the contracts covered and we’ve even worked out competitive licensing rates.

Why the focus on Canadian music?

As Canadians ourselves, we know that Canada has a lot of great talent that can be hard to find unless you know where to look. This needs to change. By focusing on Canadian artists, we’re helping spread the word about their work and ensure they’re being properly compensated for it. We want to help Canadian artists connect with filmmakers and photographers from around the world, and create a community of like-minded people who, by working together, will promote the great independent music coming out of Canada.

Why do I need to have a license to use someone else's music?

A music license allows you to use an artist’s music within your film or video. No matter what kind of film or video you are making if it’s for a wedding, commercial or even if it’s for personal use anytime you use someone’s music in your film or video you must have a license. A license gives you legal and official permission to use an artist’s music for your project.


Why should I create a user Account, how does it benefit me?

You as a registered user will be the first to know about all the awesome new music, news, special offers, new artists, and all sorts of other helpful fun happenings!

We remember your contact information, purchase history, play history and any other important things you have done during your time on Community Tree. This just makes it easier for you to keep track of things, plus you get a history of everything you have been doing on Community Tree Music.

Ever downloaded a song and deleted it?  No need to worry we will have all your tracks ready to re-download at any time.

Scratch Tracks or Temp Tracks as the film peeps call it, low resolution files are available for you to download. This way you can try the song out and see if it works for your film. After you cut it in and everyone loves it, you can then buy the high resolution file!


I want to credit the artist in my film, what should it look like?

That’s fantastic, I’m sure they will appreciate it! We will assume you know the name of the song and the artist that performed it. After you have that info the reset is a piece of cake. The best way we suggest crediting the song is as follows:

Song Title

By Artist

Music Courtesy of Community Tree Music in Vancouver, BC, Canada


How do I ensure I'm choosing the right license coverage?

When trying to figure out which license will best fit your project, we suggest looking at the client of your project and what they need in terms of license coverage. You may be the person purchasing the license, but you also need to make sure it will cover the organization or people that the film is for, and how they will use and distribute it. Even if you are not being compensated for the project it could actually still require a license for the client or person you are making it for. Read more to find the best fit for you and your film or slideshow.


What is a Wedding, Event and Home Video License?

This would apply if you were producing a slideshow or film that covers one wedding day or similar event involving a couple. Despite its name, this wedding license can also apply to different events for your clients for example, birth stories, anniversaries, birthdays etc.

See Licensing for more details.


What is an Independent Film License?

This applies when you are creating an independent film, outside of a typical film studio system.

See Licensing for more details.


What is a Non-Profit License?

This applies to you when you are creating a slideshow or film that highlights a registered non-profit organization. Content may include event coverage, company highlights, culture highlights, or employee insights.

See Licensing for more details.

What is a Small Business License?

You are creating a film or slideshow that highlights an organization as a whole. Content may include company highlights, event coverage, culture highlights, and employee insights – films that give an overall sense of the spirit of the organization.

See Licensing for more details.

What is a Crowdfunding license?

You are producing a film and seeking financial support on a crowdfunding platform (IndieGoGo or Kick-starter for example), for any content permissible by this licensing agreement and our Terms of Service. This license is tied to the crowd funding campaign only; this cannot be used once the campaign is finished.

See Licensing for more details.

I don't see the license I need, can I request a custom license?

Of course you can! We can make up any contract to fit whatever project you are working on. Share the specific project details with us and we can make a custom license to meet your needs.


What happens if my film gets picked up for distribution?

Congratulations! This is huge! Once this happens a new license is required should your film be distributed or shown outside the confines of the license you purchased. The time, energy and investment you’ve given to this film to make it a reality is truly amazing, and we will always work with you and your distributor and expand the license whether big or small. Please get ahold of us directly when this happens.


Why Canadian music?

Canada has a lot of great musical talent that the world needs to hear. As Canadians ourselves, we’re passionate about supporting Canadian artists and helping them promote their work while being fairly compensated for its use.

How do I become an artist with Community Tree Music?

Generally, we tend to discover our own artists. However we are always open to hearing from new people who understand our unique approach and can feel and grasp the kind sound we have on our site. If you want to say hi and maybe share some of your tunes, just shoot us an email! Send us just one comprehensive e-mail that includes the best examples of work you have produced, performed, composed, and mixed. Tell us who you are and what inspires you to create. Finally tell us why you think you and your sound would be a fit with Community Tree Music. If we dig it and connect to it emotionally, we will be in touch!

Once you’re part of the Community Tree family, we’ll handle all the paperwork–all you have to do is send us your music and we’ll promote it and take care of the contracts and licensing details.


What kind of artists are you looking for?

First off we need you to be awesome! We love to work with artists that are passionate and expressive. Art is all about letting go and being honest. We believe in music that comes for the soul, music that is real and authentic. It doesn’t matter what kind of music it is, pop, ambient, hip hop, folk as long as it comes from the heart and evokes an emotion, emotion is what we look for first and for most in our music.


What file type and resolution should I submit my tracks in? 

Please deliver music in the highest resolution you have available. MP3 files are best. However we do accept AIFF or WAV files.


Do I need to sign a contract?

You sure do, it’s one of the only boring things we ask of you, it does not take long, just few pages to read, sign and you’re on your way! The faster you sign the contract the faster we are able to get you up on the site and share your music with the world.


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