Artist Profile

Bre McDaniel

Bre McDaniel is an interdisciplinary artist born and based in Vancouver, BC. Constantly in awe of the world around her, she can’t help but draw, paint, and sing about life as it happens. The smokey softness of her voice can be tissue-paper delicate, haunting, or beaming with soulful conviction— reminiscent of Fiona Apple, Cat Power, or a piece of suede. She is a breath of fresh air in Canadian music and her roots are close by; her mother (Betty Chaba) was an acoustic singer-songwriter too. They were both born on the same date as an annual meteor shower.

In 2013, Bre completed a degree in visual arts at Emily Carr University and released her first recordings. The Hello Starlight EP was a collaboration with her oldest brother (Moses Joans), that begins to fuse folk songwriting sensibilities with electronic textures. McDaniel spent the following years venturing more and more into live performance, creating and exhibiting work with her art collective, and songwriting while also working as a support worker.

With the production help of Jordan Klassen (Nevado Records), a new six song EP was released in March 2016 called Light Pollution. Light Pollution is a thematic collection of songs that all relate to perceiving light and value. McDaniel puts her fine arts background to good use in crafting sonic colour schemes that reflect the lyrical imagery of the album – starlight, embers, the refraction of precious gems, celestial and darkened cities. Acoustic sounds are painted in the dark, nostalgic warmth of recording with tape machines in contrast to a spectrum of brighter, ambient and electronic treatments that vary from song to song.